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Our Engagement Portfolio is full of fun creative images which we hope will inspire you to book a session with us! An Engagement shoot is the perfect way to get to know each other before the big day-it allows us to see how you feel in front of the camera and spend sometime together chatting a bit more about your wedding plans. It’s only ever meant to be a bit of fun but often we get some incredible images.  You can choose an image from this session to be printed onto cards that your wedding guests will receive on the day with all your details of where to view the wedding gallery after your wedding.

Your Engagement Shoot!

We usually meet you somewhere in Bristol but we can arrange to meet you somewhere that is special to you if you prefer. The session normally last about an hour and is a relaxed opportunity to take some lovely natural photographs of you both. If you have booked us as your wedding photographers all the images are included in you package. Alternatively you can book us for a private engagement session which lots of couples also do. You can bring a change of clothes and personalise the shoot-we had one couple arrive to their session dressed as Batman and Robin so don’t be scared to get creative as we love it! Feel free to talk to us about any ideas you might have as this really is a great opportunity to have a laugh and get inspired about your photography.



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