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Family Portrait Photography

Life is not lived in a studio.  Our family portrait sessions depict the simple beauties of family life by highlighting precious details, such as a shared giggle between siblings, the tiny hands of a newborn or an energetic family walk through the woods. If you are the one always taking the family photographs, you may be left out of the picture. Let us step behind the camera, so you can jump in and be a part of the picture, too.

Life is not lived in a studio. We photograph your family in a natural and comfortable setting. For example, in your home, your garden, a park, or someplace special to your family.

By specialising in natural light photography, which is more intimate and personal than bright lights and flashes, we keep the session more relaxed, we are able to get more natural images that capture the personality of your family. With baby photography sessions we work around you, in the comfort of your own home, allowing you the time to feed and change your little one.

Your family portrait session will begin with us getting to know everyone. We make your session fun and engaging rather than forced and unnatural. You simply have fun with your kids!


Ideas of what to bring

Bringing props and the family pet can enhance your family photos and bring a more personal touch to the final images. If you don’t want to bring anything that’s fine too-don’t worry!  If you have some ideas for props but aren’t sure what will work, contact us prior to the session and we will be be happy to talk it through with you and give you some ideas.




What happens after your shoot!


At the end of our session, we will present you with a viewing guide. Feel free to use this guide to give you ideas of where you might like to put your images in your home. Maybe you would simply like a framed image or perhaps a canvas or a contemporary block-the choice is yours!

We will select the very best images from our session and edit them for you to view, this process usually takes a week. We will come to your home or chosen location to give you a presentation of the finished images. We are able to mock up wall groupings with all your favorite images. Additionally, we will provide artistic input on wall galleries, placement in your home, and size given your budget, style, and personal taste. Your order will arrive within 4 weeks of the ordering session and will be posted direct to your door or if its a gift we can arrange delivery for that too.




We are proud to be family photographers and help tell your story as a family, whether a family shoot to get those images to treasure, your children’s parties, christenings, or any other special occasion you might want captured.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






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